About ELVV

ELVV was founded in Norway by a team of bathroom experts with a particular love for the beauty of nature. Carving, shaping and polishing simple, natural rocks until they are transformed into beautiful and fascinating stone objects is what we do best. Nature has its own way of showing sophisticated elegance, we simply enhance the rustic charm of the stones through the cretion of our creative stone washbasin designs.

There is a wide variety of unique and beautiful stone available from all over the world. In order to access the best and most unique materials available worldwide we work with factories in various locations that share our enthusiasm and passion. We would like to bring a piece of nature into people’s homes, which is why our washbasins are made from 100% natural stone, without any artificial bleach or coloring which could damage the environment.

Our customers are usually: Architects, Interior Designers, Dealers/Wholesalers and Consumers.